Super tight this morning, also running 6.5 miles later as part of the One Run for Boston, so I gotta get my act together.
The progression of marathon buildup here has been intense over the past month, I get a new email every day about it. I’m so excited for everyone to get here for the race and for the celebration to begin.

readmymonotony asked:

Hi there! You’re it! Once you get this, you must publicly say five things about yourself, then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers. (But not back to me.)

Hi friend! I’m late in this AND I’m not a tagger :)
1. I drink my coffee black, no sugar/etc. either.
2. I’m an aggressive driver, likely because I hate driving and would always rather be not.
3. When I was a kid, my girl power idol was Samus Aran.
4. I get mistaken for being male pretty often, the great mystery though is why it happens even when I’m wearing a dress.
5. I used to sleep in the same room as my rabbit hutch, but had to stop because Mason (spotted bun) would make a racket whenever I would go to bed because he was concerned that I was dead. Cute, but also irritating after a few weeks.