At the packie with my boss helping to pick out pear-infused vodka, and I am SO glad I got the afternoon off. I needed some non-hectic relaxation time but this afternoon has the added bonus of being hilariously surreal.

Standing on the sidewalk in front of work talking to my friend on her way to work also, and some dude in his car was snapping multiple photos of us with his phone and the car window down. We didn’t notice until he opened the door to lean out and get a different angle. I’m partially “whatever” about it but I also feel pretty gross now. :|

Have to proctor a high-security testing-center exam next week, but I got the cushiest job of making sure only one student at a time can use the bathroom. Sounds like netflix with headphones and coffee in the hallway to me ;)

Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Clinics to Stay Open


WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed more than a dozen Texas abortion clinics to reopen, blocking a state law that had imposed strict requirements on abortion providers. Had the law been allowed to stand, it would have caused all but eight of the state’s abortion clinics to close and would have required many women to travel more than 150 miles to the nearest abortion provider.

The Supreme Court’s order — five sentences long and with no explanation of the justices’ reasoning — represents an interim step in a legal fight that is far from over. But abortion rights advocates welcomed what they said was the enormous practical impact of the move. Had the clinics been forced to remain closed while appeals went forward, they said, they might never have reopened

Bringing running gear to work every day because I’ve spent more time there than in my own apartment any given day this week. Also applicable today: overriding my feelings about that with coffee. \m/

Cycle to lab to get there before 7 -> do the work thing -> sneak out to go for a run at 7:30 -> get breakfast and do tedious work until you have to go back. I’m 95% done with today already because I’ll be here past 8 tonight.

Cycling to work at 5:30 am was great because there were more cyclists than usual, but also the worst because of inconsiderate/not-paying-attention motorists. I love being a cyclist but I’m also done with feeling like there’s no place for me to travel safely in the city.