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What first gave you the motivation to go running? I can never bring myself to run more than a mile. (I'm not lazy... I'm more of a biking/yoga/hiking type of girl) BUT I WANT TO GET INTO RUNNING SO BAD AHH.


I played rugby for three seasons and in between my first two I decided to try indoor track. I had rarely exercised before then, and I only had the confidence to try sprinting because I was getting fitter by the minute playing rugby. I had a freshman -15.
My indoor coach was brutal and tends to neglect the runners who aren’t first in their heat. At that point I got very tired of running in circles and I found running distance worked really well for me when I ran my first 5k the summer after my second semester playing rugby was over. I stopped playing when a shoulder separation kept me from recreational running for two weeks. I realized then that it had become something I really wanted to do and needed to focus on.

The secret to wanting to run more than a mile is to go real slow at first so you can do the distance without the stressor of speed. It’s possible that the best thing in the world is to travel by running, I get to see so many interesting things and say I’ve been places that others may not have discovered yet (like great makeout spots & hiking trails).

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