Marathon training gives me hours and hours to listen to whatever dafuq I want. I hope this helps some of the millions of you google searching “running playlist” to get by.

If you have some suggestions I would gladly accept them.

  1. "No Interruption" - Hoodie Allen
  2. "I Get Around" - Dragonette (Midnight Juggernaut Mix)
  3. "Pink Floyd Time Remix" - Pretty Lights (although the original may be better)
  4. "Idioteque" - Radiohead (especially if you prefer regular PF over remixes^)
  5. "Seven Days" - Craig David
  6. "Heartbeat" - Childish Gambino
  7. "We Come Together" - Goldfish

playlist running playlist

  1. lastdaysofandrewjara said: okay i might be weird in this but i like to listen to calming and long things so i can get in my mind when i ran, i didn’t wanna focus on the songs lol.. my favorite was memory gospel by moby
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