RUNNING GEAR: Favorites and Essentials

A tentative list of things (other than shoes) that I swear by for running.

  1. Sports Bras — Okay, I own 8 of the same brand. I don’t have a lot of goods (34B, aw yeah) but these are the most essential pieces of running gear that I own. They keep your ladies in place, you can store things in there (GUs, your house key, your gym access card..), they double as shirts when it’s hot out; that, and regardless of how small or large your “endowments” may be, keeping them from bouncing around reduces a lot of the pain of running. I like nike a whole lot, the bottom band is thick enough to prevent rolling and chafing, and the compression level is perfect for high-impact activities.
  2. This is an eclectic mix of things, things that keep my hair out of my face, my handheld water bottle, and a simple chain necklace — The water bottle is obvious, hydration is key. I happen to like this brand and model a whole lot, I even wrote a review on it. The hair bands and bandana are also obvious: when my bangs fly into my face, I get kinda roidrage about it and usually wish it was more socially acceptable for women to shave their heads. It keeps me from running home and buzzing my head, honestly. The chain is simple as well, I use it to carry my keys when I have no pockets. I slide my house key along the chain and tuck it into my sports bra. I have never, ever, lost my keys this way.
  3. My coffee mug — I do drugs: I drink coffee and I run. ‘Nough said. Coffee is the only supplement I use.
  4. GPS Watch (and other electronics) — Sometimes unplugging is a key factor to a run, but I really love my Garmin watch. I own the Forerunner 305, and I’ve had it for about three years. It works just as well as the day I bought it, except with maybe a little less battery life. I can accept that, though. I used to charge it every 8-10 runs, now it’s about every 3. For a 3-year ownership, that is pretty good (better than most apple products)! As someone who is really into recording mileage and pace, this watch is perfect. While it may seem clunky, it has a lot of useful tools: I can set it to beep if I move above or below a certain pace range, it will remember my path and can navigate me back home (great for someone directionally challenged like me), and has given me a pretty stylish watch tan. It was worth every single cent.
What are your essential pieces of gear? These are the little things that get me through a run, what are yours?

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