before my run~

Nah, I eat red meat 3 times a week, ish? I’ve also given up on spinach. When I first became anemic I overloaded on spinach and now I’m kind of tired of it. Kale is where it’s at. Either way I should be taking a supplement.

The peel ripped D: do you know how terrible getting banana goo out of your laptop  case is? Not surprising, I know.

The big 5 is the “high five.” I got it as a will (graduating gift from senior to below). The “action figures” are kachina dolls my mom got me in Arizona. Next to them are two ceramic turtles hugging.

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  1. runslikeapenguin said: I agree. Kale > spinach in almost everything.
  2. keeprunninggwhere said: you should see the case in my house FULL of kachina dolls. My twin collected them when she was younger.
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