• 7 mile run after class this morning. Preetty sure I have the flu. I’ve never gotten a cold this bad that came on so suddenly. I forgot to get a flu shot before it was too late.
  • 14 miler now scheduled for Saturday (not sure why I scheduled a LSD for Thursday anyway?). I am pressing my recovery, but I already feel better today than I did last night. My throat doesn’t feel like a knit mesh of rusty spoons anymore, so that’s something.
  • For those asking, I do love my foam roller. I wish I had gotten a slightly harder one, but I bought it at Target so I really can’t complain. I even bruised my thigh a little because I was overzealous.
  • Nyquil is the liquid of the gods.
  • Going back to bed now.
  1. littlebeastling said: Boo being sick. I hope the bunnies learn how to make you tea so you can be eaten by your bed for a bif. That’d be a site: little bunnies tending to your bedside.
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