Proof :P
do your swimsuit bottoms really look that bad with your squatalicious butt in them? :P if they are too small you could go and get some cheap-ish ones from the store?

pictures or it didn’t happen :3

Okayokay! And yeah, it is not great. Like, too tight. There’s some squeezing issues making a cut through the bulk of the bubble-butt area. Pictures below the cut.

You seriously expect us to believe that you’re self-conscious about these sorts of things? :D

Good point! I’m just worried that in the process of swimming they will become less than full-bikini and I’ll be far less covered than the faculty that also swims in the morning. How would YOU feel seeing your students’ butts? ;)

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I ran all last week, so I’m hitting the weights today (and yesterday). Tomorrow will be a possible swim and a definite bike date and the rest of the week will be running. I’m doing a 5k on Sunday so I’d rather be running, but I let sunset creep up on me today. Spending all day inside working on academics means I forget sometimes that the sun sets at 4:30 now, not 6 or 7 like I wish it did.

It’s a beautiful day outside and I finished one of my tests yesterday. I have one more to take, and I’ve already been studying the mechanisms we need to know, so I think I have time for a workout today. I was actually worried I wouldn’t, but then I knocked some other assignments out this morning and feel great.

I have a lot of options:

  • Run today because it’s beautiful out?
  • Lift today because I drive home tomorrow, and will have only access to running/biking?
  • Do both because time management is for suckers
  • Run because I found a $10 drop-in gym for Thanksgiving break via Fitocracy

I have a race in two weeks I should probably prepare for (hot chocolate 5k). I don’t know if I have a sub-22 in me, but I would really like to do that sometime, so maybe I should actually prepare for it.

I need a plan, asap. Naturally I won’t get around to making one until I have some free time over break next week.


  • Deadlifts today, yeee boy.
  • Two upcoming 300 level biology tests, immunology and developmental bio. I can tell you all about T cell activation if you like. I’m hoping to slaughter them this weekend.
  • My petition to the major went through! I never took the freshman biochemistry major requirement of one, 100-level bio course because I started at the 200 level. I left that requirement until senior year, and the board of major advisors agreed that it would be idiotic for me to sit in on a 100 level bio course when I’m already in a bunch of 300s. However, I’m now taking an extra 300 level next semester that meets once a week. Not great, but better than being bored to death learning about oxphos for the thousandth time.
  • I finished perfecting my CV and now I’m sending it to winter internships and post-grad jobs. One place I’m applying to has a charity group that runs the Boston Marathon every year, and that would be so glorious to be a part of.
  • Thanksgiving break is so so soon, but I have jury duty on Tuesday. Not excited.
  • I feasted yesterday. My food baby’s name is Paul.
  • All I want is a hot shower and some good coffee to get me through the next three or four days.