I went on a friggin’ long and scenic bike ride. Little less than 2 hours, little over 25 miles. It was super hilly and my seat is a little too low right now so it killed my knees. Lesson learned, now looking for the proper wrench.

I passed a lot of farms (for my fellow shitblr I took a picture of Z farm~*~) and met a donkey friend.

donkey cycling massachusetts nature cyclist

I don’t know why my hydration pack photo posted 3 hours later than I sent it from my phone.. anyway, 16 miles done. Mostly along the rail trail but some of it on nature footpaths. I did a lot of looping to get it all done. 2:36 time total.. I’m beat.

Enjoy some pictures from my run. Pack = 8lbs to carry, but also means camera phone pictures.

running runblr runner pictures mileage long run nature massachusetts