• 4 day week, last days of undergraduate studies everrr.
  • I only ran 5 miles after my gym session today. My legs feel like trash and my foam roller was moved home already. Unamused.
  • Triathlete problems: your only beach bikini is also your main lap-swimming suit. (at least it looks normal?)
  • Update on that insane project I spent 12 hours in the lab one afternoon for: the LC/MS is broken so it’s dead in the water. I would cry except I have senioritis.
  • Now to go stuff my face with free indian food.

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  • Got a sunburn from my run yesterday, mostly on my forearms and face. I have a garmin watch tan from my new watch—looks the same as my old one. I’m somewhat pleased that it’s coming back.
  • I was really excited that last week was over in terms of work, days, and events, but this week is also stacked high with lab work and assignments. The end is so near, I could make a to-do list for it and it wouldn’t seem outrageous.
  • I only swam once last week, I’m hoping this weekend at school will help my swim routine; usually the 2nd or 3rd swim of the week is on Saturday and I haven’t been at school over the weekend lately. Open water swimming is, in the end, going to be more important, so that will definitely need more attention than the pool has been getting.
  • Open water swimming is going to take a lot of the dullness out of pool swimming, too.
  • I also need to cycle more. Like, a lot. My butt isn’t used to the saddle like it was at the end of last summer.
  • Someone should start shaming/guilting me into cycling more often.

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My new gym bag arrived! It has significantly more space and compartmentalization than my old one, which has a huge rip in the small-item pocket. Update on how much stuff I can cram in it is pending.

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Having my first bad body image day in a long, long time; I suppose I should note it. I’m congested and having trouble breathing from my little head cold and I’m feeling soft from shark week (clearly not my week). I do feel fortunate that I don’t have to feel this way often, but it’s bumming me out. It’s also unfortunate because I know I don’t look particularly different, it’s all in my head.

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  • Hell week includes the week before break, and the second week after it. fyi~*~*
  • I ran 40 miles two weeks ago, and like 10 last week. At least I got in +2 swimming, +1 cycling and +2 lifting sessions compared to my 40 mile week. Too many things to do and I want to do all of them. Triquadathleteproblemz?
  • I hate group projects. Not sure what you’re supposed to learn from them besides the fact that people suck, which I already figured out from high school group projects. Just stahp.
  • Memo to self: Don’t try to run in anything other than shorts if it’s over 55 degrees. You will bake with a nice salt coating.
  • I spent so much time working on post-grad plans (successfully) that I overlooked summer job opportunities. If I work in retail again I’ll claw my eyes out.
  • Lifting and coffee better cure my grumpiness. Period.

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I mean I got a lot done today, but I left my house at 8 am yesterday and just got home. It’s almost 1 am. I am gross and didn’t even get to exercise because I was either running our DSC samples or writing my lab report. I didn’t check/update tumblr. I didn’t have time to get decent meals. Midterms are rogue this semester.

personal and it's my birthday on Thursday >:(

This week:

  • Monday: make it through with no groceries, just some frozen vegetables and OJ.
  • Tuesday: I have a lot of stuff due Wednesday. Damn.
  • Wednesday: 3 assignments due, another due tomorrow. Hopefully seeing my bff for my birthday?
  • Thursday: Mah birthday. I turn 22. My partner is coming out to celebrate :) 
  • Friday: Spring Break starts at noon. Not like I would have preferred it this week or anything.

Looks horrible, gets better around midweek? Ok.


Successes of the day:

Thus far

  • I slept through the pool open hours (until 7:30, wtf) but so did my 1/2IM training partner so I didn’t get a guilt trip. Hooray collective failure!
  • I finished writing my seminar paper before lecture, it just needs some edits.
  • One of my answers for the 1st neurophys exam was selected as an exemplary answer.
  • The sun has been out for more than 2 consecutive hours, it might even be 45 degrees outside. Oh mah gerd.
  • I only have one, one-hour long meeting after lab today, so I might be able to catch a run while the sun is out. That will be new.

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Last night I finished two group projects without either group. I had been doing so well at avoiding group projects, or at least crappy freeloaders, but not yesterday. I think this is why I dislike team/group dynamics. I am not a team player. That is why I don’t play rugby anymore.

At least the sun is shining for the first time in two weeks. Today is a run and a lift day.

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