Upcoming Races:

  • Hyannis Marathon & Half 2/24: I was going to run the full, but after a month of powerlifting I am unprepared. I ran a few 16s and my first marathon’s longest training run was 18, so I could survive it.. but that would be stupid. Instead I’m going to team up with runslikeapenguin and beat 2 hours on the half. 
  • Undisclosed Half Marathon 5/12: The weekend before graduation, running a half with my other senior friends that invited me to the half ironman event as prep. I don’t know where it is or specifically when yet. I hope it’s not ON graduation or the week before, finals would be not a fun race period.
  • MascomaMan Half Iron Man 7/27: You heard me right. It’s going to be 5 hours of unadulterated endurance racing. This is the day before my partner’s birthday, I hope they still like me after coming to my race and sitting around for that amount of time.

I haven’t really planned past that, I figured getting to biking 56 miles with my poor handling skills AND graduating college between May and the end of July will be a big enough test, and I might just need to exercise casually through the end of August (maybe ride my bike all the time and compound my sweet cycling short tan?). I’d like to do a marathon this year, so perhaps I’ll find a good fall one and kill it, and run out the rest of the year on smaller races (5k-halfs, sprint tris) if I don’t run the full Hyannis on Sunday.

Thoughts? Wanna come to my ironman and hug or something?

  • Impressed that I managed to dress myself properly for 35 F run, “real feel” 25.
  • My first mile was in 7:30 because I was freezing, then the rest were a comfortable 9 min/mi pace
  • After sled pulls I will never ever think a hill is too steep to conquer. My legs feel sore when I walk around, but running felt like flying.
  • 8 miles, saw a very cute puppy and had a hard time not stopping to play with it.
  • *gratuitous butt picture*

So it’s pretty much official, tomorrow will be one week without running more than 1 mile at a time.

I am okay with this. I’ve worked out 6 days out of the 7, and practiced a variety of things that I never, ever do. I never snatch, I never do non-triathlon conditioning, I never flip tires or push sleds. A week off was perfect—some tendons around my ankles were crackling but are now quiet, and I was *done* after 16 last Sunday but that fatigue has been replaced by satisfying soreness. Tomorrow back on running will feel amazing, and I imagine that the time off I have between today and Thursday (the next time I go in for coaching) will be filled with joyous runs.

I’m also really excited to get a new pair of kicks, since my red kinvara 2s (and blue/red kinvara 3s also) are all but slain and probably the reason for my lackluster prospective on running this week.

Still on track to marathon in Feb. Definitely on track to powerlift in Jan. My ducks are in a row and I am content.

14 miles done — now for some replies

If I were driving and saw you in those shorts, I’d honk, and my honk would mean “daaayum those are a lotta pockets, I bet you can carry gels AND emergency info AND keys AND your phone, I commend your preparedness, you go girl”

Love you. So serious.

7? holy fuck. where did you get those?
I too have to know: what kind of shorts are they? I must get my paws on a pair.

They are from LuluLemon (sale rack ;)). “Marathon short”, or something. I got them in May for $44. I never would have bought them unless they were on sale, lulu is so expensive. o__________o But they do have nice sticky sections that cling to my thighs so they don’t roll up.